On-site titanium welding service

Since its establishment in 1998, Dawn Titanium has been working hard to develop the welding service.  We know that titanium welding is kind of difficult because of its particularity,so we recruit welding-related talents from all over the world. We can meet all need for your professional welding. The Dawn Titanium welding team has performed on-site welding all over the world for more than 20 years. No matter how urgent your titanium welding situation is, we will send someone to arrive as soon as possible. Our welding materials are entirely from our factory. The type of welding wire fully complies with international standards. Our goal is to always maintain the international leading level of titanium field welding and titanium wire quality, and to provide the best and highest quality welding materials for the titanium wire market.Everything we do is that our materials are ultimately used in many critical applications. That’s why we focus quality first. Our team is always researching new materials, developing better alloys, and constantly looking for better ways to help you perform better in your areas. When you need friends to help pushing your product to new heights, contact us. We take pride in providing the world’s best titanium welding services.

Welding Services include:

Field welding of titanium
Repair of titanium reactors, gas cylinders, welding in reactors
Joint welding of titanium tubes and tube sheets,
including re-welding tubes and plugging existing tubes
Installation / repair of titanium diffuser arms in a bleach plant
Repair of the hull, pump casing and agitator titanium castings

Our welding samples​

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