Markets Served

Titanium are about to usher in an industrial revolution!

Quality / approval

Dawn Titanium Co., Ltd. is proud to provide the world’s highest quality titanium wire.
From the procurement of raw materials to the final delivery inspection, each member of our team follows Dawn Titanium’s proprietary team process to meet the various product requirements of serving customers. Personal honor and the company’s strong sense of social responsibility have won global service recognition and quality recognition of Dawn Titanium.


Quality and service are the core ideas of each member of Dawn Titanium Co., Ltd. Our professional standards for the quality and after-sales service of titanium welding wires have been globally recognized and certified by the company. We are qualified to provide titanium alloy welding products for defense security (Air Force, Navy, Army), as well as various welding materials required for petroleum and chemical engineering.
We strive to continuously push the limits of welding wire!

Main applications of titanium wire

Offshore oil
Petrochemical products                                                                                                                                                                                               
Gas treatment
Power station
Pharmaceutical equipment
Chemical Equipment
Sea water equipment                                                                                                                                            
Heat exchanger
Pulp and paper industry