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Titanium wire built to your specification

We are always able to achieve all the requirements our customers need. You have opinion. We have experience. So no matter how special or difficult the material you need, let us try to make it. We will try our best to maximize the performance of your application.

Delivery time: 3-10 days
Method: cold rolling, hot rolling
Port: Shanghai / QingDao / TianJin
Titanium wire price:It will float with the prices of raw
materials after the payment effective period
Free Samples: The balance of the sample fee will be returned after the next order placed

Titanium wire type

whit Titanium spool wire
titanium spool wire丨Dawn Titanium
Straight titanium wire丨Dawn Titanium

Note: It can be processed into different types of titanium wire according to your special requirements. We make sure that each package is tailor-made for you.

Titanium welding wire for easy packaging and transportation

Every titanium wire is worth our careful attention

In order to provide the best quality Titanium Welding Wire, there should be no slight deviations. Make every millimeter of titanium wire accurate with the brainchild of our team. We wrapped it by hand carefully to ensure that the material can reach to your hands without damage through all stages of production. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the product during transportation, it is recommended to use plywood boxes or pallet packaging. Of course, you can also propose the ideal packaging method, but each packaging must be based on the higher security of the product. The packaging and shipping methods for each product vary from person to person. Dawn Titanium Co., Ltd. aims to provide customers with the most convenient titanium welding wire packaging method and the best transportation environment