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Welcome to Dawn titanium

Who Are We

A global titanium welding wire company that constantly exceeds the standards and leads the titanium industry.

Our Mission

To make the world lighter

What We Do

Let our products better serve the whole society and the world.

Our history

Starting in December 1998, DawnTi began with the first wire drawing machine and has grown into a company with tens of millions of dollars, providing special welding materials worldwide. DawnTi produces and processes titanium wires of various specifications. Services include on-site welding and machining. DawnTi’s corporate philosophy is to provide partners in various fields with the most suitable and high-quality titanium wire to ensure that its production quality continues to improve, whether you use it for the petroleum, chemical, marine industry or high-end aviation parts and manufacturing business . No matter how special the material you need, we are always able to provide all the titanium wire products our customers need, let us try to manufacture. For more than two decades, this has been our company’s management philosophy. Our founder Liu Ma once said: “Titanium is not only a material, but also an industrial revolution. He is closely related to each of us.”

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