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Product Quality

We established the professional R & D team to research on special welding materials with Harbin Institute of Technology. Relying on the university laboratory, we can effectively solve the technical problems encountered and significantly improve the level of production technology. Beacause our materials are ultimately used in many critical applications, we buy raw materials from sizeable international titanium manufacturers, It can dramatically reduces the occurrence of welding defects during the welding process from the source.

Sufficient inventory & Fast delivery

Global supplier and manufacturer of titanium wire for more than 20 yers, we have perfect management system, technical team and imported equipment. 20 production lines can annual produce 400 tons, and standing capacity of 40 tons. It can be quickly completed and delivered after your purchase. thereby saving Time and cost of purchase.

Pre sales&After-sale service

We have professional welding technology teams that can provide free welding consultation and other services to our customers. Unique problems were allowed technicians to assist the welding problem at the scene. If you are not sure what type of titanium wire you need for your project, we were glad to help you choose the right wire for your specific application.

Titanium for revolution

We are a global supplier and manufacturer of titanium wire since 1998. Our products have been helping doctors save lives, helping engineers create better projects, helping countries maintain national defense security, and helping scientists understand the universe. We take pride in providing materials to some of the world’s leading universities, research centers and industries at the forefront of science and innovation.

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